From a small village…

Four friends, two couples of brothers, together since childhood when the smell of our mothers and grandmothers cooking filled the alleys of our small village in Calabria calling us back home.

Our lives have led us to different paths, for some in Italy and for others in Europe, still the memories of those days, alleys, and tastes remain deep and vivid in us.


… in the world

Sitting all together around a table, back in our home village during Christmas holidays, an idea came to our minds: to offer a selection of high-quality products, traditional culinary treats – Primitiae Italiae – to those who love Italian cooking and to those who, living far from home, miss it.

Authentic, genuine flavours, given by the best raw materials and by an artisanal production, according to traditional recipes.

Our trip begins in our homeland, Calabria, but continues…join us!