Project Description

Traditional Production

Once the stalks and the seeds have been removed, the peppers, both in the sweet and hot variety, are cut in small pieces and cooked in a pot with a lid together with salt, sugar and wine at low fire for about 1 hour.

The peppers are then sifted so to extract all the pulp, which is then cooked for another half an hour or so at very low fire until it reaches its thick and velvety texture.

Taste with…

Perfect with tasty cheeses, seasoned and semi-seasoned. If you want to soften its hotness, serve with fresh and creamy cheeses such as ricotta, stracchino, robiola and goat cheese.

Exquisite sauce to accompany and add flavor to grilled and roasted meat.

Tasty & Quick recipes


With its velvety texture, the Primitiae Italiae Chilli Pepper Delight whets any palate, leaving a sweet spicy hot feeling in your mouth.


  • Extract of chilli pepper

  • Extract of sweet pepper

  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Wine

  • Package