Project Description

Dry-Salted Capers

Traditional Production

Dry-salted Capers Primitiae Italiae (floreal buds of the Capparis spinosa) are cultivated in Calabria. Hand-picked between May and the end of summer, the capers are laid on cotton cloths in the shade for hours before they are cured in salt, this to guarantee a slow and gentle dehydration and maintain scent and colour.

Capers are cured with salt for about a month and mixed several times to guarantee a uniformed seasoning and dehydration before they are stored in glass jars.

Taste with

Dry-salted Capers Primitiae Italiae give flavour, aroma and saltiness to pasta sauces – even just a simple tomato sauce – as well as to pizza and salads, including rice, pasta and wheat salads.

This precious ingredient enriches the taste of fish fillets, meat as well as vegetables, as simple as boiled potatoes or roasted aubergines and peppers, not to mention the traditional and delicious caponata!

Tasty and Quick recipes


With their dark green colour with light green and purple hues, their rounded shape and their pulpy texture, Dry-salted Capers Primitiae Italiae have a tangy and salty taste with a piquant aroma.


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