Project Description

Traditional Production

Planted between the end of August and the end of September, the Tropea PGI Red Onions are harvested by hand from May to end of June and left for some 8 days laid on the ground in the sun to allow the natural dehydration.

For Primitiae Italiae Sour-Sweet Tropea PGI Red Onions only small caliber bulbs are used.

Once pealed and washed, onions are poured into boiling water and vinegar, in same proportion, and oil. After 10 minutes or so sugar and salt are added and cooking is completed.

Taste with…

Use Primitiae Italiae Sour-Sweet Tropea PGI Red Onions to give salads and vegetable side dishes. Tasty with grilled and roasted meats, they to give a special flavour to boiled meats.

Divine combination with seasoned and fresh cheese.

Tasty & Quick recepies


With all their sweetness and crunchiness, Primitiae Italiae Sour Sweet Tropea PGI are a delicacy to tempt sophisticated palates. Cultivated on fertile soils rich in nutritious elements of high quality and in water along the Calabrian Tirrenic coast between Cosenza and Vibo Valentia, caressed by an optimal microclimate, where sun and sea mitigate winters, Tropea PGI Red Onions, “Red Gold of Calabria”, hold exceptional organoleptic properties.

The small calibre bulbs, with their characteristic egg-shape and their reddish-purplish colour, unleash an extraordinary taste which you will not be able to do without anymore!


  • Sour Sweet Tropea PGI Red Onions

  • Water

  • Sugar

  • Salt

  • Vinegar