Project Description

Traditional Production

Once the stalks and the seeds have been removed, the small round hot chilli peppers are boiled in water and vinegar. They are then left to dry turned upside down on cotton cloths.

Desalinated capers are finely minced with local tuna fillets previously drained from their olive oil.

Once dry, the chilli peppers are filled with the tuna and capers mixture and placed into jars in olive oil to preserve them.

Tasty & Quick recipes


Small hot chests for a tasty treasure: Primitiae Italiae stuffed chilli peppers hold a delicious filling of tuna and capers, finely blended to give you the unique taste of tradition…winking also at gourmet recipes. Just taste them!


  • Round chilli peppers

  • Tuna

  • Capers

  • Salt

  • Olive Oil

Taste with…

Surely experience their unique taste and enjoying them by itself, as well as with cheese, both seasoned and creamy ones. A must to accompany the traditional Italian mixed boiled meat, Primitiae Italiae tuna-stuffed chilli peppers are exquisite also with grilled and roasted meat. You will love the warm, spicy and tasty note they give to grilled and stewed veggies.